An Evening with James Frey
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Our interviewer "add name" did an incredible job and this was certainly a fascinating conversation. Here are a few related items you may be interested in, as well as a list of our upcoming 85 QUEEN events. We hope to see you again soon.


What is James Frey reading?

Frey writes for the Globe and Mail about his favourite authors: "I have come to truly and deeply love commercial fiction." Plus, read reviews of his new novel Katerina in the Guardian and in Kirkus Review. 


A Million Little Lies

"Oprah Winfrey's been had." Read the 2006 story in the Smoking Gun that broke the controversy over what was fact and what was fiction in his memoir A Million Little Pieces, and changed James Frey's career. 


On the big screen at TIFF

The film adaptation of A Million Little Pieces premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last week, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, and Odessa Young. 


Upcoming 85 QUEEN events

A Juno Award-winning musician, a huge international bestselling author, a discussion of what we can learn from To Kill a Mockingbird in 2018, and more. Get all the 85 Queen details in one place. 

FURTHER READING: Check out these memoirs about addiction, more books by James Frey, and some highly anticipated novels that are new to our shelves or coming soon. 
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